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The Marlborough Women's Triathlon is New Zealand's longest running women's triathlon. Thousands of women have taken part in this event since 1983. A select few have participated in every event and we know they will be doing their best to get to the start line again on Sunday 27 November 2022


This event has always been a celebration of achievement, challenge and a healthy lifestyle. Even if you have never considered doing a triathlon before, then this event is achievable for you. If you are a beginner, then rest assured you will be on the start line with plenty of others in the same position. Take the plunge, get entered, get training and you will be amazed how satisfied you will feel at the end.


For those who are already competitive athletes, we also want you to support this iconic Marlborough event. You will have a great race and your presence will inspire others to participate set higher goals. 

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