The Sisters wine was born from an innate understanding of women’s hectic lives and is all about celebrating what we achieve and the girlfriends who are right there beside us.


Many of us rush from one thing to the next, multi-tasking left, right and centre. We collapse into bed at night so tired we can barely read that novel that’s been on the bedside table for a month. But what do we say to ourselves? That we need another hour in the day? Another day in the week? So that we can get more done? How often do we stop and reflect and give ourselves a chance to realise that we are actually achieving extraordinary things already?


And when we’re so crazy busy, it’s our girlfriends who fall to the bottom of the list. We don’t even seem to have the time to pick up the phone to say hi, and yet these are the people who understand and whose friendships are unfailing – they lead a similar life juggling work and family, community and home. The empathy between us is palpable – there’s no need to explain – it’s understood.


Name your close girlfriends to yourself now….remind yourself of the wonderful people you have in your life. We know they’d be there for us and we’d be there for them. No question.


Wine undoubtedly plays a role in our lives. To relax with at the end of a long day, to celebrate with, to appreciate with great food, to share and enjoy. What better way to stop and acknowledge all that we do and the sisters who are right there doing it with us.


The Sisters – for women who do extraordinary things, every day. That’s us.

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